PM10 and mass closure
Ozone and NO2
Air quality forecasting
Air Quality and Climate
Source Apportionment
Originally, the LOTOS-EUROS model was developed to calculate the atmospheric ozone concentration and circulation over Europe. Nowadays the LOTOS-EUROS model is able do calculations for a wide variaty of atmospheric components and is applied to investigate the impact and role of particulate matter on health and climate on a regional scale. Often its calculations are input to assessment studies on the effectiveness of measures to comply with air quality standards. Applications range from the calculation of nitrogen deposits (acidification, eutrification) for governmental regulations, the impact of nitrous oxide and other species on climate change, to air quality forecasting, for example, the forecasting of smog, for the Netherlands and Europe. The LOTOS-EUROS model is continuously being developed to improve and widen its application possibilities.
Present projects and research with the LOTOS-EUROS model can be categorized in the following topics: