Example of air quality forecasting (MACC project)

In the field of large-scale air pollution, topics of investigation are atmospheric processes and the large-scale dispersion of pollutants. In addition, the interaction between climate change and air quality is gathering interest. An example of this is the role of particulate matter in climate change. Research involves using models, measurements, satellite data and data assimilation.

A key element in this research is the LOTOS-EUROS model, with which the formation and dispersion of ozone, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants across Europe can be calculated. The standard model resolution is approximately 25 x 25 km2 and the model offers the scope to zoom in on specific urban and industrial areas. The model makes the connection between emissions and the occurrence of concentrations and deposition.

LOTOS-EUROS is maintained by TNO and is applied and further developed as a cooperation between TNO, RIVM, and KNMI. The model is being used for scientific applications and in a policy support role. An open source version is available since October 2016.