Current air quality forecasts
Air quality forecasts using the LOTOS-EUROS model are available online:
Air quality forecast The Netherlands
Smart-phone App
CAMS European air quality ensemble
MarcoPolo-PANDA Air quality forecast for China
LOTOS-EUROS in short
The LOTOS-EUROS is a regional chemical transport model (CTM) designed for the assessment of gaseous and particulate air pollutants. The model is used for a wide range of scientific and regulatory supporting applications. LOTOS-EUROS is built, maintained, continuously improved by developers and researchers at TNO, RIVM, KNMI and PBL. Originally designed to investigate the atmospheric ozone circulation, today’s LOTOS-EUROS:

  • simulates air quality over regional and sub-regional scale;
  • covers an extensive number of inert and chemically active constituents (ozone, NO2, inorganic and organic PM2.5/PM10 a.o.);
  • includes data-assimilation (satellite data and ground measurements).

and provides:

  • analyses for assessment studies;
  • (operational) air quality forecasts;
  • climate scenario’s for air quality and input to (integrative) climate models.

See the introduction and research pages for more information on LOTOS-EUROS. Model documentation can be found here.

Experimental air quality forecast over Brazil
In view of the world-wide interest in Brazil during the summer of 2014, an experimental air quality forecast with the LOTOS-EUROS model has been performed that covered the south-eastern coast of this country. The last forecast was released at July 21.
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